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Historically Black Colleges and Universities TimeLine

Important Dates, Import People

Why HBCUs?
Before 1850s
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Important Dates and People who contributed to the establishment and growth of HBCUs

Rebecca J. Cole, 1863

Cole graduated from the Institute for Colored Youth in 1863. She graduated from Women's Medical College (now the Medical College of Pennsylvania) in 1867 with a medical degree. Cole was the second African-American woman physician in the United States and the first black woman to graduate from the Women's Medical College. (Cheyney University, 2008)


Octavius V. Catto, 1858

Catto was the class valedictorian in 1858 at the Institute for Colored Youth. An activist, Catto was influential in getting the 15th Amendment passed in 1870 which gave black men the right to vote. Catto is also the founder of the first black baseball team in the United States (The Pythians, 1867) and the Equal Rights League (Oct. 1864). (Cheyney University, 2008)